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Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012: NFS Most Wanted

Most of this year was all about Most Wanted, the team had a lot to prove with expectation great and also having the Real Racing team next door reminding us that the bar is always moving.

The dev was in general extremely positive. We knew what key elements we wanted to instil into the game/user experience and built around those factors. As the Art Lead I was responsible for all facets of the dev under that umbrella, and as we had a very open production I was also lucky enough to be a voice in the design of the title which was challenging in itself.

Everyone on the team put in their utmost which I'm so stoked with, and it has paid great dividends with the game being a mass critical and financial success. **This is by far the most enjoyable game I've played that I have ever been apart of, it balances the challenges of mobile controls with a deep arcade experience.

It was awesome to add to one of the most endearing racing franchises ever and on the strength of this title we should be able to create something special for our next title.


2012: Mass Effect Infiltrator

I started the year in heavy dev with Mass Effect Infiltrator, as I came on to the project late I thought I'd be getting some small bits and pieces to do but I ended up contributing a fair bit which I was stoked about.

I was responsible for the final boss battle environment "Desert Planet", the re-light, texture & general look and feel of "Med Bay Dark". And finally the complete lighting of the "Comm Relay" level. 

Apart from the in-game content I also helped with all the release marketing including the background imagery for the splash and a number of press screenshots.

The game looked great and the team is very talented so I look forward to the next title they put their skills to.

Off the Grid

The last image I've managed to get out for the year, another proxy paintover such as the last 2 images. I've tried to continue to focus on strong base composition aids were large forms feed into areas of focus etc.  There is a little bit of story here, where a rogue agent must escape through the heart of an AI world chased by drone predators.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Frame in frame

Another greybox paintover, I wanted to do a composition that had a strong secondary framing element such as the chute opening. Also wanted to play with obscure perspective and to question which way is up.I also  used smart objects prevalently as its something I've only just started utilising in concepts