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Monday, June 11, 2012

MP - 12/06/2012 - Black & White

Some more more images in B&W of our drizzle riddled morning walk in Arthurs Seat. Really enjoying the conversion process in Lightroom for the Black &  White adjustments.

MP - 12/06/2012 - Colour

Jess & I are aiming to photograph the Mornington Peninsula through small adventures on weekends between surfing and running a muck.
Here are some colour images from a first morning jaunt out in a wet Arthurs Seat morning.

Something on the side

Really starting to get stuck into my interest in photography on weekends. Have heap of lil projects I want achieve but for now just fooling around.
Here is a couple of images to celebrate and remind me why I love doing it, a stormy Mentone beach & a super cute girl named Jess.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Winter Village

A fairly basic background replace. Just needed to do a heavy undistort, get all the pesky tourists out and go to work on populating the background with moody higher altitude info.
Also needed to really kill the levels and reduce the dynamic range slightly to sell the new lighting scenario.

Here is the reference base plate, credit goes to Wolfgang Staudt:

A night in Yemen Past

A matte painting utilizing quite a few different techniques, 3d projection, UV cards, camera facing billboards & 3d assets.

Here is a link to the video result
Password: shinji
And some stills taken from it:

Basic steps were:
1. Undistort plate, removing barrel distortion
2.Clean plate ( focussing on removing modern elements such as satallites and modern plumbing)
3. Paint in new elements such as building outcrops, new mountain range & sky
4. Pull RGB masks for all elements and apply basic levels and grade for Night treatment.
5. Take WIP matte into Maya and model support geometry for projections using Proj camera.
6. Setup an animated camera and double check 'bleed' & also distortion issues.
7.Finish matte painting and extract different projection passes.
8. Added 3d Palm trees, billboard flares and animate skydome.
9.Render out passes in Maya
10. Composite in After Effects & add flare and camera motion blur etc.
11. Render out and go surfing :)

Here is the base plate image taken by Richard Messenger:

Example of scene in Maya: