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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Morning Matte

Got time today to finish of a quick  photo based matte painting. Few things i think could be adjusted but sometimes its best to move on and make note for next time. I enjoyed and i learnt a real nice balance between clone vs patching.

* Also posted the base plate which i took at the Olgas last year.

**Watched 'Salt' while i was working, when did the Russians become the bad guys again? Anyway it was decent even though had a very linear progression.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Easy does it

New Year has already been pretty eventful, but its been making it hard to get my personal work out.

To prove I still been putting pen to paper this is a quick collage of a few punk head I have done over the past week on the train. Used a really decent ball point i got in the States at The Society of Illustrators for em.

Read some 'Hard Boiled' this week on the train so the influence is obvious.

I should start putting some personal matte work up soon that will be fun and challenging as always.